LaVerne Pike
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LaVerne Pike

True Seattle native,LaVerne knows and understands the everchanging housing needs and markets; growth impacts, transitions of neighborhoods,communities, and new constuction timeline metods. LaVerne's character,integrity, and dedication have created a successfully stable and productive niche in today's market. His business is largely driven by referrals from satisfied clients and a network of people who confidently know he will perform professionally to eliminate undo stress and surprises during the transaction. SUCCESS is built on a foundation of FOCUSED EFFORT and clear understanding of the DESIRED GOAL... There's no mistake with LaVerne, he sets YOUR SATISFACTION as PRIORITY No.1----


Consistently awarded the Annual  "Best in Customer Satisfaction" by Seattle,Forbes Magazines and Five Star Professional


"I found myself nodding my noggin all the way thugroh."

  -Biana, Client

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